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PICK UP TIMES: MON - FRI: 11.00 - 16.00
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Corncockle - purple - seeds
Corncockle - purple - seeds
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Corncockle - purple - seeds

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Corncockle - purple 

Corncockle is an annual wildflower from Europe which makes an excellent cut flower. The silky blooms grow in sprays on tall willowy gray/green stems. They are easy-to-grow plants that prefer cool growing conditions. It flowers from Oct - Dec, when sown in spring.  

NB> All part of the plants are poisonous especially the seeds, so exercise caution around children, pets and livestock


Latin name Agrostemma githago
Seed count Approximately 50 seeds per packet
Height 60 - 90 cm
Days to flower About 70 - 85 days
Water requirements  Water every 2 - 3 days


Annual Cut Flower   |   Plant in full sun


Sowing Instructions:

Sow directly in spring from Aug to Oct. 

Space 20cm apart

Growing tip:   Plants may need staking if heavy winds or rain are expected.